Perhaps he did not occur spooked
to work i was as if stopped rooked
Stay in these papers he potion
Our hands troupe acclimatization
heart and the time to bonefish
In the cat reposed dice flatfish
White affair was shelling the quid
Wrecked in attentive couldest quid
Saw in the centre of work store
Got filled his back oxbow encore
word i the slim who i had bleat
That was not kurtz to ice excrete
Had blundered into the consent
For faithfulness” the guise ferment
in the noble confidence mopped
Not see hypoglycemic bishoped

She gave up the ghost inside resigned
All for show it’s swarmed confined
And i’ve only wrapped two outscore
Never talk to you explode floor
Me reason to stay here what spoor
Stand for when we all course allure
Fear met a girl thought she was rood
Thought i’d be the one deer denude
No sleep until i’m done with diced
Answer hood audiometrist
Just don’t want to stay and wait beet
Keep you in the dark you pluck bleat
All pretend what if i say throat
Like the others mores antidote

Fight for your values and fight sprung
Friends’ haven’t felt this way kludge swung
Was buildin lego as a pang
Your plasma cutter’ and man hutch fang
Ruin your day’ so don’t call coked
Moron’ sometimes joke banked
This feeling about the law pang
Will never lose their oblong hang
Rains will come and wash it all think
Game was rigged from the conferred think
Gotta make your mind up if bade
Or old school i suck at send decayed
Duty there’s no rapture ply
Turn your alertness certify
Violence in your hearts we luff
Hell of a plagiarize luff

First Verse Generated By eGnoetry Poems (4 Free Verse, Heart of Darkness) put into Robopoem

Second Verse Generated by putting two random lines from ten different songs into Robopoem

Third Verse Generated by looking at the Miracle of Sound Song Catalog and taking the n’th line from the n’th song, eg. 4th line from 4th song, into Robopoem

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